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How to Increase Traffic with StumbleUpon

Step 1
Sign up for a free account at Stumbleupon.com. Click on the "Add StumbleUpon to My Browser" link and provide your email address and a user name and password. Enter your birthday, gender, and type the words in that appear in the text box. Click on the "Join and Download Now" button.

Step 2
Install the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser. At StumbleUpon.com, click on the "Download now - Free" button on the right under the "Get the StumbleUpon Toolbar" title.

Step 3
Login to Stumbleupon.com with your user name and password from Step 1. Confirm that the Stumbleupon toolbar is installed on the top of the Internet browser window.

Step 4
Stumble your website by clicking on the thumbs up picture. Stumbling is like discovering and bookmarking a favorite website. By adding a link to your website, you are creating a backlink to your site, which helps with search engine optimization and traffic. When the large StumbleUpon community clicks on the "Stumble" button in their toolbars, they may come across your website. This can improve your traffic significantly.

Step 5
Make friends by stumbling other websites that you like. Click on the "Stumble" button on the toolbar to find websites, then click on the thumbs up "I like it" button to stumble the site. Some website owners will return the favor by visiting, stumbling, and recommending your site. It's also a great way to discover great websites, blogs, and photos.

Tips & Warnings
Stumble quality websites to be a credible community member. People will not visit your stumbled sites if they suspect them to be poor quality, incomplete websites.

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